It's 2024 already and the Braisin' Hussies Food Cart is approaching its season launch date! Last week in April.


Opening Soon - Last Week in April

Lunch Location: Capitol Square Tue - Fri: 11a - 1:30p, Main st. near King

Capitol View Farmers' Market: Wed: 4:30p - 7p. 5901 Sharpsburg Dr, Madison

Location DC Farmers' Market: Intersection of State, Mifflin & Carroll

The hussy Way

Braisin' Hussies, as our name might imply, centers its menu items around the slow cooking of quality, local ingredients. With a variety of ethnic influences used as inspiration, we examine various slow cooking methods and apply them to our dishes. From braising to sous vide, fermentation to confit, the techniques we use all throughout our menu are meant to develop deep taste and the texture of our ingredients.